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I am passionate about helping people live a healthier lifestyle. I want to help people live an overall healthy life, not just get them into good shape physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. We need to understand why we are sick, weak or tired before we can do anything about it. Everyone can do something... but first, it definitely needs to come from within. You need to be ready to make that change in your life and realize the need for it. We expect a lot from our bodies. We want them to move us through work and play. As well as all of life's daily challenges and heal quickly if we get injured. Then when it can't, we make excuses that we are getting too old for the many capabilities that God has granted us to do to the day we die. Let me help you find that purpose again.....

My prices varies depending on the services utilized....I can and have traveled to take you on wellness retreats if you need to be in a different environment, spends all the time to educate you on living the healthiest lifestyle you can through food, exercise and spiritual contentment. My experiences comes from being a certified fitness specialist, nutrition educator, licensed massage therapist, raw food chef, lifestyle coach and have owned and managed a couple of cafes and juice bars for the past 20 years. Iove my job cause it's my lifestyle and would love to help you achieve yours:)

The rates below show the financial commitment that it will take for me to transform your mind, body and spirit. This will be the best investment you ever make. Rates varies according to home or travels where I am with you.

$500 - $2500/Day

These rates are a rough estimate. Rates will be finalized on an individual basis so please contact me to discuss the appropriate plan for you!

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