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core training

If you are looking to improve your athletic abilities, lose body fat, improve your physical appearance or simply lose some extra body weight, my style of “core training” is for you. My philosophy in physical training is very “functional”. I believe that all the ailments that we typically encounter in our lives from low back pain, poor posture and inflexibility to name a few are due to weak "core" stability and strength and our inability to train our body to "function".

There are many exercises that I will show you that are practical and effective in all that you do to keep you mobile and feeling amazing all day. Taking control of your health can be fun, rewarding and one of the most exciting adventures you will ever encounter. My job is to push you to the point that you would not push yourself safely and effectively. I can customize the exercises in each session due to your abilities.

Together, we will incorporate yoga movements, kick boxing moves, resistant and weight training, gymnastic moves and making sure you are activating your “CORE” first through all your movements. This is where we have some fun and get to “play” for the session. " Playing" is the secret to staying fit and healthy!

Ending a session with you doing combinations of Thai massage and yoga stretches will bring you back into good alignment, body awareness and feeling amazing.


  • $100/hour

  • $150-500/hour group training

  • $25-50 per person/power hour classes

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