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My passion is helping people live a healthier life!! I believe that to do this we must be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Being physically fit is a great goal, but getting mentally drained getting yourself to that point is not healthy. Having an understanding of your health and how the physical elements effects us is one of the keys to living a well balanced life.

In our society today we are plagued with weariness, sickness, and disease. We make excuses for ourselves and tell ourselves that this is “normal” when it can be prevented! We need to understand why this is happening and what we can do about it for real change to begin. Change has to be bigger than simply our actions...real change must come from a desire within you and the knowledge that you are capable of it and more!

Our body is complex and designed to carry out many tasks. It must nourish us, protect us, heal us, and move us through many life challenges. Yet, many of us have bodies that are performing well below par. It is no wonder that we can’t perform when we look at the fuel we are giving our body and what we are putting into it. Even when moving into old age if given the proper fuel we can expect great things from our body! Our body should be our most prized possession since it is the one thing that we will have until the day we die. If we give it the best fuel available, it will do it's best to live our life to it's full potential.

I believe that the food that God has provided on this earth is the best fuel and medicine and one of the greatest gifts we have ever received. We can grow everything we need to satisfy, heal, and nurture us!

In my classes I can teach you the secrets to eating and preparing food in the healthiest and most medicinal way possible. I teach that food can be just as dangerous as well as medicinal depending on how we prepare it. Some of the best medicine for many diseases comes from whole foods whether they are organic or not. The opposing foods would be genetically modified foods that are convenient these days.

Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight, feel better, tone, or be able to run a marathon, I can help you find that through good nutrition. I will teach you what to feed your body for it to operate, repair, and recover from all the demands that you put on it. I can teach you to balance your life through proper nutrition and proper rest. You will find yourself fit for the adventure of life rather than the sluggish bystander. Taking control of your health is fun, rewarding, and the most exciting thing you can ever do for yourself!

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